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Membru Bizoo de 11 ani.
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Ac centrifugal fan G4E180-AB01-01

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Technical description:
Material: - Housing: Die-cast aluminium
- Impeller: Galvanised sheet steel
- Rotor: Partial cast in aluminium
Direction of rotation: Clockwise,seen on rotor
Type of protection: IP44
Insulation class: "B"
Mounting position: Any
Condensate discharges: Rotor-side
Mode of operation: Continuous operation (S1)
Bearings: Maintenance-free ball bearings
Nominal data:
Size: 180mm
Nominal voltage: 230 VAC
Frequency: 50 Hz
Air flow: 575 m3/h
Speed/rpm: 1250
Power input: 110 W
Current draw: 0.49 A
Capacitor F/VDB: 3.0/450
Sound pressure levle: 65
Min. back pressure Pa: 0
Ambient temperature in C: -25 to +55
Mass: 3.7 kg.
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