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Membru Bizoo de 12 ani.
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Ventilator tangential QL4/0015-2112

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99999 lei
*Price quotation uppon request!*
Technical description:
Impeller diameter 40mm
Airflow direction of 180 possible
Mounting position horizontal or vertical with motor at the bottom
Permissible ambient temperature 0-60C
Insulation class B, class F or H on request
motor right/motor left !
Nominal data:
Voltage: 230V
Frequency: 50 Hz
Air flow: 50 m3/h
Max. pressure: 13 Pa
Power: 12 W
Rated cuurent: 130 mA
Speed: 2150 rpm
Mass: 0.50 kg
Dimensions mm: a-226 b-51 c-150 d-160
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