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Membru Bizoo de 14 ani.
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Ventilator de tavan HTB-140 RC

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HTB-140 RC
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High-performance fan, silent and easy to install.

Protection class: IP44, B class.
Reversible direction of rotation via interruptor, allowing the fan to send the air to the ceiling.

3 speed operation, with control included

Air flow ( m3/h): 7920 / 5925 / 4440

Maximum outlet air speed (m/s): 1.8

Power: 50 W

Supply: 230 V

Weight: 5.5 Kg

Discharge diameter (mm): 1387

A (mm) = 1350

H (mm) = 360

*Can be controlled via KIT RC HTB, remote control with timer (not included with the product).
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