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Membru Bizoo de 13 ani.
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Ventilator centrifugal din otel CRMT/6- 355/145 1.5kw

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749126 lei
Nominal Diameter: 355 mm
Material: sheet steel housing
galvanized steel rotor
Air flow: 6200 m3/h
Speed: 1400 rpm
Maximum temperature.: 400deg.C/2h
Power: 1500 W
Consumption : 12,6 A
Supply voltage: 230/400 V
Building sizes: A=566 B=707 C=540 D=231 E=227 F=280 G=135 H=159 I=291 K=365 L=294 M=250 N=445 P=343 Q=11 R=420 S=450 T=405 U=2X136,5 V=30
Weight: 72 Kg
Class of protection: IP55, Class F
It can be ordered with more powerful engine

It can be ordered and 400VAC motor
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