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Membru Bizoo de 12 ani.
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Amortizor ignifug 200 SC120+

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SC120+ Ø200
Fireproof butterfly circular dampers EI120S type SC120+
Two half round blades are held together by a fusible link.
When temperature rises above 72 C the fusible link will break.
Thereby the two half blades are released and the fire damper is shut, preventing smoke or flames from passing through.

d (mm) = 200
x (mm) = 71

Closing ventilation ducts in case of fire.
Fire resistant for 2 hours.
For air of 15 C up to 45 C with RV 30-70%
To be mounted horizontally or vertically


1. Steel tunnel
2. Two half round blades
3. Intumescent strip around the tunnel
4. Rubber sealing ring
5. Fusible link 72 C
6. 2 blocking hooks
7. End of range switch (option)
8. Product identification
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