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Clapeta ignifuga rectangulara 400 x 600 EI120S BFLT230

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EI120S BFLT230 400 x 600
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Rectangular fire dampers with a fire resistance of 120 minutes. When the temperature in the damper rises above 70 C the thermo-electrical link will break and the damper will close. When closed, the expanding material around the fireblade will swell and assure a fire and smoke-tight seal against hot air and smoke.

The thin blade is made out of fire resistant calciumsilicate and ensures a relatively high net opening in the damper. The CU-LT+BFLT230 fire dampers are 24V Belimo actuator operated with indication of the blade position. The actuators are connected to a thermo-electrical fuse and equipped with begin-and end of range switch. The mechanism is easily removable for inspection or repair purposes.

L (mm) = 400
H (mm) = 600
X = (H-6)/2-70
Y = (H-6)/2-230

Steel housing
Calciumsilicate fireproof blade
Swelling seal around the blade
Pre-mounted Belimo BFLT30 actuator with thermal fuse (mounted at same side as the actuator when H300mm;
mounted at opposite side when H?300mm and L200mm or mounted underneath when H?300mm and L200mm)
Standard equipped with duct connection flages of 20mm
Please note the height of the mechanism at 100 mm heigt of the damper (see drawing


1. Refractory casing made of galvanised steel
2. Damper blade
3. Operating mechanism
4. Cold sealing
5. Intumescent strip
6. Thermo-electric fuse
7. Connection frame PG20
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