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Ventilator Axial duct ventilator HCT-90-4T-7.5/PL

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Extremely robust wall-mounted tubular axial fan, with plastic impeller.

Plastic impeller diameter (cm): 90
Number of motor poles: 4
Three-phase Supply: 400/690V -50Hz

Max. speed (r/min): 1465

Max. admissible current (A): 10.30
Installed power (kW): 5.50

Maximum flow rate (m/h): 47000

Sound pressure level (db(A)): 81
Weight (kg): 132


A = 1015
B = 970
D = 900
E = 500
J = 15


Airflow direction from motor to impeller.

PL version in fiber glass reinforced polyamide -6 rots

HCT: Tubular casing in sheet steel with external terminal box.


IE3 efficiency motors for powers equal to or higher than 0.75kW except single-phase, 2-speed and 8-pole.

Class F motors with ball bearings, IP55 protection, except single-phase models from size 45 to size 56, IP54 protection.
1 or 2 speeds, depending on model.
Single-phase 230V-50Hz and three-phase 230/400V-50Hz (up to 4kW) and 400/690V-50Hz (powers higher than 4kW).

Operating temperature: -25 C+ 50 C.
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