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Ventilator Wall Axial Fan HCDF-31-4M / ATEX / EXII2G Ex d

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HCDF-31-4M / ATEX / EXII2G Ex d
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HCDF: Axial fans with square frame, with ATEX Ex d certification
Single-phase motor.

Power (kW): 0.06
Supply: 230V /50Hz
I max (A): 1.00
Air flow max. (m/h): 1700
Speed (rpm): 1235
Sound pressure level dB(A): 54
Weight (Kg): 7.5

Dimensions (mm):
A = 400
B = 336
D = 308

E = 285


Impeller made from cast aluminium

Airflow direction from motor to impeller

Stuffing-box spark-proof included

Protection guard against contacts, in accordance  with standard UNE-EN ISO 12499:2010 includedin models 25 to 63, other models as accessory.

Support frame in sheet steel with aluminium strip in the impeller area in accordance with Standard EN-14986:2007


Class F motors with ball bearings and ATEX certification, Ex e explosion-proof and Ex d, Ex tc, or Ex tb flame-resistant

Three phase, 50Hz, 230/400V motors up to and including 4kW. 400/690V over 4kW

Fan working temperature: -20C + 40C


Rust retardant finish with ATEX paint, containing no ferrous components, in polyester resin polymerised at 190 C, after phosphate free pre-treatment.
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